It is the law to clean kitchen exhaust system by the city to avoid the fire and to maintain a healthy friendly and safety environment. Also for insurance purposes.


  • To reduce the possibility of the fire accidents
When grease builds up into the hood, duct and kitchen equipment, there is high risk of a fire accident and loss of possession because of that.
  • To be compliance with local fire code
By keeping your kitchen exhaust system clean, you can avoid the pressure from fire department, insurance company, health department and land lord when they check your kitchen exhaust system.
  • To extend the life of exhaust system.
When grease builds up heavily, the system efficiency and life goes down.
  • To improve air quality and reduce heat in the kitchen
When you maintain kitchen exhaust system clean, it effectively sucks out all smoke and keeps good air quality. That’s the way, reduce heat in the kitchen.
  • To avoid new installations
If the kitchen exhaust system is not cleaned for a long period, then grease builds up heavily and it can’t be cleaned. So then you need to install new kitchen exhaust system.
  • To avoid ceiling damage
If the duct is not cleaned for a long time, the grease that is built up inside the duct will start to drip through the access doors and welding leaks. This will damage and dirty the ceiling.
  • To avoid the roof getting dirty.
If the exhaust fan is not cleaned frequently and a drip pan is not placed under the fan, the grease that is built inside the fan will drip and dirty the roof. Landlords do not like getting the roofs getting dirty with grease.